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Pinned screen twitching (GSAP+Scrollmagic+Bodymovin)

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Hello, I've got a simple task: animate a scrolled-control bodymovin animation in a pinned window.

This is my test webpage, the codepen is also provided. In a fullsize window where I don't have to use pinning, it works well.


The problem is that I don't know how to get ride of this crazy jumping effect.


PS I used code partially from these GSAP tutorials and from this OKAI tutorial.

See the Pen YzPdYgx by artildo (@artildo) on CodePen

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Hey artildo and welcome to the GreenSock forums.


Bodymovin and ScrollMagic are not GreenSock products and we don't really support them here. But we'll help out where we're able to.


You don't really need ScrollMagic in most cases. Take a look at this thread which animates a timeline on scroll without it:


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Zach, thank you. Yes, I understand, that I asked about some 3rd party libraries.Just in case someome encountered similar problems.

I need pinning the scenes until my animation is crolled up to the end, for that purpose I need Scrollmagic. 

But I will study the resource you provided, it might help.

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I did something similar without ScrollMagic here:


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