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MotionPath and PIXI not working together?

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I try to figure out how to get MotionPathPlugin and PixiPlugin working together. Following code doesn't work by getting an error:


gsap.to(target, {
  motionPath: [
    {pixi: {scaleX: 0.8, scaleY: 0.8}},
    {pixi: {scaleX: 1, scaleY: 1}},

// results in this error: Uncaught TypeError: target.getAttribute is not a function


Another possibility I tried didn't work as well:

gsap.to(target, {
  pixi: {
    motionPath: [
      {scaleX: 0.8, scaleY: 0.8},
      {scaleX: 1, scaleY: 1},

// results in this warning: gsap-core.js:83 Invalid property motionPath set to (2) [{…}, {…}] Missing plugin? gsap.registerPlugin()


What worked, but therefore I do not need the PixiPlugin anymore (and losing the benefits, to have only one tween, when i.e. animating the alpha as well)

gsap.to(target.scale, {
  motionPath: [
    {x: 0.8, y: 0.8},
    {x: 1, y: 1},


What do you say? Did I miss something, or is there currently no support to make use of the PixiPlugin within the MotionPathPlugin?


Best regards – Matthias

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Generally speaking you can't nest plugin settings inside other plugins. Please consult this thread for a working example of MotionPathPlugin + Pixi: 


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