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About BusinessGreen license

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I have a question about license for commercial use for envato market.

We sell wordpress themes for themeforest platform. And now I want to use gsap plugi for all projects.

As I understand I need BusinessGreen license. But what if I have a company with headquarters of 10 people, but plugin will be used only by a single person, here another but, wordpress theme will be sold on behalf of the company.

Will this license suffice for one person?



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Hey AslanGoi,


In terms of how to count developers for the different levels of the Business Green membership, it’s based on the number of people who would actually use GreenSock tools. So if 7 of the employees at the company would never touch GSAP code or anything that's directly related, they don't have to be included in the count.


However it’s not intended to be a license that gets passed around from person-to-person, like “Hey Sally, can you stop using GreenSock for 5 minutes so I can update something?” If a company has 3 developers who use GreenSock from time to time, they should get the “Up to 5 developers” license. You can always upgrade later too.


Also note that the commercial license that comes with Business Green must be kept active for the duration of the time which you are selling the product that is using GreenSock technology. So if you stop developing with GSAP this year but still sell the product in future years, you'd need to keep that license active (renew it yearly or just get the permanent license). 

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Thanks for your answer.

And last question about wordpress theme that will be selling on behalf of the company, so will it be ok that my single employee has business license?

Sorry for my English)

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I think Zach already answered that above - you must have a license for anyone who writes or edits any GSAP-related code in your theme/app/site. Yes, if the developer that has the license creates something for another company that sells it but NOBODY (besides the license-holder) makes any edits or codes anything that's GSAP-related, that's fine. It's not a license that can be passed around though. 


I think you'll find that the license pays for itself quickly, even if you need to get a multi-developer license. 


Happy tweening!

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  • 8 months later...



I did not want to open up a new topic, as my questions relates pretty closely to the subject matter. I have, years ago, bought the Shockingly Green bonus version and have maintained the membership. I am now employed by a company and am wondering how, if at all, I/we are allowed to utilize the bonus plugins.


95% of the applications I'm working on are used internally and not sold to anyone. I am also the sole developer, though of course I cannot predict if someone else will be assigned to the project in the future.


Long story short, since we are not selling to anyone, can I use the bonus plugins? Or do we need a business license due to us being a business/potentially having other or more developers than one utilize the plugins in the future?


Thank you in advance!

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Great question, @DeuxAlpha. And thanks for being "Shockingly Green"! 


Normally it'd probably be best for the company to get their own license so that their usage isn't directly tied to you and your personal account, but as long as no fees are being charged to multiple users for things that use GreenSock technology and you're the only one leveraging the tools there, I don't see any problem with you pressing the bonus plugins into service while you've got an active license. Of course once someone else starts editing or interacting with the code there, they should get their own license. Fair enough? 


The only thing that caused slight concern is you said "95% of the applications I'm working on are used internally and not sold to anyone" - does that mean 5% are sold to multiple end users? If so, a "Business Green" license would be appropriate in order to cover those. 


We love having members like you who care enough to take the time to understand licensing nuance and show such respect for the work we've put into the tools. It's an honor to have you on board! 

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Thank you for the prompt response! Makes perfect sense! The 5% represent our commerce solution where we sell our products. I didn't consider utilizing the bonus plugins there due to licensing requirements (unless the business would purchase its own license, naturally). As a new developer, I didn't find it particularly tactful to immediately demand that my company purchase all kinds of licenses of the things I have encountered in the wild... 

To be fair, GSAP already provides a ton of functionality in its free package. Most of the bonus plugins I have used so far have mostly been for proof-of-concept or experimenting. But I love the library, so I'm happy to continue supporting it!




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1 hour ago, DeuxAlpha said:

I didn't find it particularly tactful to immediately demand that my company purchase all kinds of licenses of the things I have encountered in the wild... 

Nah, only GSAP. I think on the first day after you're done setting things up with HR, you should pound your fist on the table and demand "if you want me to continue working here, I must have the proper tooling so that of course means that this company should immediately sign up for Club GreenSock." ;)


But seriously, my hope is that your company will quickly see that the membership would pay for itself literally in a matter of days. Feel free to direct your boss to


Anyway, good luck at the new job and thanks for your continued support! 

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