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Wobbly textfields

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I have some problem with animating textfield/text inside a movieclip

Basically I have a textfield inside a movieclip, and I'm tweening the movieclip xy values for movement.

The textfield display however becomes really wobbly when tweening, its still wobbly whether I use animated text, bitmap text, filters/shadows on or off, html text or not etc

Everything tweens smoothly tho. Even when I place movieclips inside that tweeing movieclip.

By the way I use the IDE to drag and position the textfield, embed fonts.


Below is a screenshot of the textfield display, its inside the character movieclip: it just wobbles alot making the animation look rough. Turning the framerate up to 60 didn't help either.



Are there any ways to solve this problem?

Other method I can think of is to add it to a seperate layer in the background and use enterframe to make it snap to the position every frame, haven't try this yet.

Don't get why the textfield is so wobbly anyway :(




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Several tips:


1) Make sure the TextField's anti-alias type is "Anti-alias for Animation" (not for readability or none)


2) Make sure that the TextField AND its parent (and all ancestors) do NOT have any filters applied to them because filters force cacheAsBitmap to true which only allows the object to be rendered on whole pixel values.


3) Make sure cacheAsBitmap is false.


4) Make absolutely sure that you have embedded the fonts (including all the necessary characters you're using).


If that doesn't help at all, please post an example that demonstrates the issue.

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I really dislike how flash "rendered on whole pixel values"

disabling the filters solved the problem

but then there are no filters for the text. Are filters designed for non moving objects only?

Is there a way for flash to not rendering them in whole pixels?

and is there some other way I can create dynamic text with outlines(like the filter I applied)?



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No, filters aren't only for non-moving objects. It's just that the way you were moving that particular text caused it to look odd, but there are plenty of situations where moving items with filters looks great. I do it all the time. I'm pretty sure the cacheAsBitmap (and rendering on whole pixel values) is a performance enhancing thing. As much as you dislike it, if Adobe didn't do it that way, you'd likely be complaining about performance with sub-pixel rendering. I hear you, though - I've been frustrated on plenty occasions with craptastic rendering of text in Flash. Then again, it's an amazing platform that gives us as developers an immense amount of power and flexibility.

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I managed to make it a lot smoother if I move the background to snap to the character's coordinates in an enterframe loop

It probably is the way I'm tweening, at the moment the character can move in 360degrees direction, that may be the reason its wobbly

wonder if forcing it to fly only 8 directions will make it smoother, will be trying this next


looking forward to the Text Layout Framework in cs5 :)

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