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Fancy Image Flip Book Not Working on Firefox

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Hi @InTheOne,


Browsers don't like it when you change the source of an image, as it has to check/repaint the entire image, which is likely the cause of issue in FF. To eliminate this, I would load all your images to the dom and use your tween display/hide them with opacity/visibility (autoAlpha), or better, yet, stitch the images together as a sprite sheet, and tween between them via transform, using a stepped ease, (hardware accelerated) in an overflow hidden div (similar to this example:

See the Pen MBWqYX by elegantseagulls (@elegantseagulls) on CodePen


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That is great! I'm including my new Pen in case anyone else wants to do a simpler version of the airplane CSS sprite. 

See the Pen BayYKYM by jonroc (@jonroc) on CodePen

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