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Seamless infinite loop of SVG elements vertically

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I'm working on a project to infinite scroll a set of diagonal lines in an SVG. I had some massive help from @Sahil  (thank you :)) who added easing effect on mouse scroll. He also suggested that I incorporate an infinite seamless loop of these shapes using the `modifers` plugin. So i pulled what I could from  https://cdpn.io/QEdpLe


I'm basically have 2 issues:

  • There's a noticeable jump between the end of one loop and the beginning of the next (See attached video: https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1GfIHd98vs85SOCRdOa45OmzsvjCFanJG). It's not quite right
  • `repeat : -1` doesn't work. I think it has to do with the proxyTimeline. When i try infinite repeat, the diagonals fly through the viewBox and it does not look good.


Here's what I've figured out:

  • Based on the "ModifiersPlugin:Seamless Loop" demo, We need to force each child item to advance simultaneously toward the distance of it's parent container, in this case it would be the `viewBox`
  • To position the next item back at the beginning, we use the `modifiers` callback and modulus to fix the next diagonal to the bottom of the viewport, using the height value of the `viewBox`.
  • The "ModifiersPlugin:Seamless Loop" demo also using an overflow to hide each element moving the left position. Somehow I might need to move the transition diagonal to happen outside of the `viewBox` but i'm not sure how to do that


Does anyone have suggestions on how I can make the loop more seamless?

See the Pen PowKLVQ by gortiz022 (@gortiz022) on CodePen

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Hey Gabriel and welcome.

The biggest cause of the jump is because you're not really wanting the animation to go all the way to 100%. What I mean by that is your SVG isn't setup to loop perfectly - it's "too tall" due to how rectangles work. As such simply changing the svgHeight to accommodate that fixes most all of the jump:

// Not perfect, I used trial and error to get a value
var svgHeight = svgGroup.viewBox.baseVal.height * 0.9369;

However, you could probably simplify your setup a good bit, like this:

See the Pen KKwXdJb?editors=0010 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


Let me know if you have any questions. Happy tweening!

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@ZachSaucier Thank you so much for your help! You are 100% correct, the issue is that the beginning of the SVG needs to overlap with the end in such a way that makes it seem seamless. It's really difficult to do, and what i found from the modifiers demo was that the re-positioning of the box happened outside the overflow of the parent container --- so that's why it has a seamless effect.


Can you suggest any way to achieve an infinite seamless effect? Thank you again for your help!


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I think the approach I have above is good. You can spend more time playing with the value or try to figure out a way to get the exact number using dimensions to further reduce the chance of a jump. 

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@ZachSaucier yea i see what you mean. I'll continue to mess around with it. Thank you for your help and the inspiration. They key as you suggested is adjusting the viewBox. Thanks!

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