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TimeLineLite and restart()

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I have a simple crossfade sequence defined using a series of TimeLineLite.insert() methods.


The sequence plays fine.


But getting it to repeat using restart doesn't work for me.


Is it recommended to always use TimeLineMax when you have to repeat the entire timeline?

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No, not at all. restart() should work fine on TimelineLite as well as TimelineMax. If it's not working for you, please post an example that demonstrates the issue (don't forget to zip your file(s) before posting). Also make sure you're using the latest version (not that there was a bug in restart() at any time, but it's generally a good idea to stay updated).


By the way, you do need to use TimelineMax instead of TimelineLite if you want to use the "repeat", "repeatDelay", or "yoyo" features. But restart() is available in both.

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