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Elastic Frame — Mouse Interaction

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Hello everyone,


I was wondering how it would be possible to achieve the following elastic border effect around the images on the Hello Monday website


Waaark's pen here creates a somewhat similar thing but I mainly was wondering how you can, for instance, achieve a similar effect (similar to the Hello Monday website) around the edges of a grid of divs inside a flexbox.



See the Pen ENRvvq by waaark (@waaark) on CodePen

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Hey pkid and welcome.


This effect is done using WebGL. The pen you linked to above just uses <canvas>. If you are trying to recreate it completely from the ground up it will probably take a while to create because you need to understand WebGL, especially shaders. However, you could modify other similar effects to do that sort of effect like these:

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Thanks for the answer Zach! Will take a look at those links and share here if I have a solution.

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