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Other plugins not working when MotionPathPlugin used

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I have been working on a project that involves a timeline that simply goes from one scene to another (one function to another) using onComplete. In a couple scenes I am successfully using the DrawSVG and Text plugins. 

Recently I have gotten involved in MotionPath and have successfully put together a scene using it. However, when I include the MotionPath scene in my main project, those other scenes that involve DrawSVG and TextPlug do not render properly. I get the following errors




Could anyone explain to me why these plugins suddenly appear to be missing when all I have done is add the MotionPath plugin?


I am including the MotionPath plugin like so:



And have been successfully using the TextPlugin:



And DrawSVG, locally



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Make sure you're using v3 plugins. You're text plugin is v2. I can't tell what version drawSVG you're using from those images.


Also, it's a good idea to register your plugins.

gsap.registerPlugin(MotionPathPlugin, TextPlugin, DrawSVGPlugin);


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