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staggerTo different values

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hello there,

I am working on a stagger which scales down to 1 from 1+(0.1*index of array)

I am tryin to reverse it but I cannot use .reverse() because I am changing some values in other tweens I have to create a new timelinemax and do the reverses one by one.

the scale is 1 and I needed to increase to 1+(0.1*index of array)

how can I write different values to scale

I can create another timeline and reverse this one but it will be better if I can write to different values.



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Hey eomerb and welcome to the GreenSock forums!


It's hard for us to help precisely without seeing your code for ourselves. But most likely you should set the scale using a function. Something like this (using GSAP 3):

gsap.to(".class", {duration: 1.5, scale: function(index, elem) { return 1 + (0.1 * index) }, stagger: 0.5});

In terms of reversing, the proper thing to do is dependent on your setup. Can you please create a minimal demo of what you're trying to do? This thread can help you do so:


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