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How to stop work of Inertia plugin?

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Hello, it's me again with GSAP 3 migration :)

I have a case, when I check Draggable's endX and if it is smaller than I need I return the dragged object back to original position.

In the previous version of GSAP, when I applied TweenMax.to to the dragged object it "rewrote" the Draggable's behaviour and did what I want.

But now, after gsap.to finishes its animation the Draggable continues its work and places object into the endX coordinate.


Please, help. I couldn't find a proper "stop" method for Inertia in the Docs.


See the Pen oNgLBJX by nordskill (@nordskill) on CodePen

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It works. Thank you, @OSUblake!

By the way, I had a mistake in this line  if (this.endX < 300 || this.endX > -300) { previously. There should be &&. But it's fine — the issue is still reproducible.

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