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Odd Morph SVG happening

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I have what I feel are 2 kind of basic shapes that I'm trying to morph. But for some reason when I try to morph them, the starting shape becomes this large, very odd shape and tries to morph from that. I have tried a couple of different things. Matching points on both vector shapes. ShapeIndex to try and better align the points, but nothing seems to make a difference. 


Here are what the shapes look like:




See the Pen RwNaxoj by icekomo (@icekomo) on CodePen

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Hm, I'll look into that - it looks like it's having a difficult time parsing the SVG data ("a" commands are notoriously tricky). I'll get back to you when I have more info. 

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Okay, if you clear your cache and reload, you should see that it works now. The problem was that your SVG path data was using an odd kind of compression that I had never seen before, where it actually merges some of the parameter values in the arc command, like: 


// typical, 7 separate arc parameters:
"a8 8 0 0 1 8 8"

// yours, where the two flags in the middle are merged along with the x value, so it looks like only 5 parameters:
"a8 8 0 018 8"

I have made the necessary adjustments in the plugin to recognize that condition. I'll put it in the 3.0.3 push that'll be out shortly and you'll be able to download it in the zip file. 


Sorry about any confusion there - I've never seen something like that before, and nobody else ran into it in the years since MorphSVGPlugin was released (at least nobody reported any such issue). Glad it works around that condition now. ?

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