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Dynamically alter tweens and time line in realtime

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Currently I'm in the midst of a project that requires me to show videos sequentially during certain times within certain days of the week. I bumped into this library and it's gorgeous timeline.

However whenever I set the duration of a tween (video) on an onStart callback to zero an inconvenient gap of it original duration persists.


Is there any way around this problem?


Thanks in advance!

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Oh, to clarify. I'm setting it's duration to zero when it's supposed to appear during the designated times given. So the tween should not be in the timeline based on time check in the callback. 

Again I welcome suggestions. 

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Welcome to the forums, @Relatora


I'm not quite sure I understand your question. Are you building a whole timeline and THEN you want to remove something early in the timeline and move all the stuff that's AFTER that backward in time by the amount of the duration of that [removed] animation? If so, shiftChildren() is probably what you want. 


A reduced test case in codepen would go a long way in helping us to help you. 

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