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Negative timeline progress not working

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Was that depreciated in gsap3?


Similar to my recent post, I'm working on bringing a slider based on OSUBlake's draggable infinity slider up to gsap3.


See the Pen veyxyQ by osublake (@osublake) on CodePen


In updateProgress() transform.x is usually a negative value, which is what's being passed to animation.progress(...). Looking closer, I didn't realize that progress will always compute to a positive number between 0 and 1. That logic makes sense and means I can just do the progress logic myself (something like const trans = transform.x > 0 ? (1 + transform.x) : transform.x;) before passing it to progress().


I think I had a general misunderstanding of the logic there and assumed it might be a bug in gsap3 since it worked that way in gsap2. 

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@GreenSock might be able to provide some insight, but I don't think it's necessary for GSAP to support a negative progress value. As you point out it can be worked around. Thanks for bringing it up!

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Ya, I don't think so either now that I understand it better.


Also, for anyone following along, I think the actual work around for this situation is something like this (not what I had above):

let transPerc = transform.x / wrapWidth;
transPerc = transPerc - Math.floor(transPerc);
const trans = transPerc > 0 ? transPerc + 1 : transPerc;



Thanks for the quick replies!

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Yep, in v2 there was extra code to FORCE the value to be 0-1 but in v3 I eliminated that code for several reasons:

  1. To allow things to genuinely go negative, meaning the startTime of the animation could shift in a more flexible way (rather than always forcing the animation to be within range of the parent timeline's playhead)
  2. Less code = smaller file, less CPU cycles ;)

And you're absolutely right - it'd be easy to get the behavior you wanted with a little extra code. ?

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