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gsap3 - scrollTo autoKill

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I read the documentation and a post here about using autoKill, but I'm not getting it to work. My code seems to be firing the autoKill on start, isn't it supposed to fire on user interaction? Also, this is not scrolling at all. Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong?


CodePen edited to use 'y' not 'top'

See the Pen XWWLEjY by cmbarsotti (@cmbarsotti) on CodePen

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Hey IntouchGroup. Thanks for posting and for being a Business Green member! 


Besides the fact that you should be using y instead of top, I believe that this function is being fired too early. It even fires if autoKill is set to false @GreenSock

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Using y did make it scroll (thank you), but the onAutokill still fires on load

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LOL - I accidentally uploaded the file I had been using for troubleshooting rather than the real/final one :)  I've uploaded the proper file now. Sorry about the confusion there. 

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Hot Damn! That's working. Thank you. My god you guys just hear about an issue and are all over it aren't you? 

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