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More native debugging options

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With the arrival of tools in Gsap3, it would be great to see some native tools and methods to optimize debugging.

It would be great to see an included method to dissect complexe timeline child data.
We forget sometime js offer nice visual debugging tool like console.table.

It would be great to have this kind of method at hand natively in gsap.
Can be better optimized by a pro from the library to correctly remap the visual hierarchy.
I do not yet know all the operation internally, a lot of information difficult to decode.
But a simplified version could be interesting.

maybe a thing like this gsap.utils.consoleTable(timeLine,options);



Any suggest about the good way to map all good thing for debugging a complexe timeLine in a console table ?
the code used upper look like this.
what do you think? 
console.table(master.getChildren().map((c)=>{return {_id:c.vars.id,_labels:JSON.stringify(c.labels),...c } }))

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Thanks for the suggestion, @jonForum. Something like this may be a good option for a future version of GSDevTools so that the kb doesn't get added to the core GSAP file. ?

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