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Has anyone had their ads rejected for not annoying looping animation

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It is just CSS animated snowflakes falling behind all the other elements in the ad. The only other time I violated the 3x/15 second rule, was a very small car that periodically drives across a masked letter X. When I ran it as a dynamic campaign through Doubleclick Studio I preempted possible rejection during QA by asking in advance if it would be rejected and they said no. If I do get dinged after I package my files for DCM, I just have to change the iterationCount with a find and replace so I am very tempted to do it.

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Another way to nullify CSS animations is having a setTimeout that starts on window.load and last 15000 ms and at the end apply the following class to the banner:

* {
-moz-animation: none !important;
-webkit-animation: none !important;

animation: none !important;


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I actually did not want the falling snow, and subtly blinking colored xmas lights to ever stop. I did  it. And they were not rejected.

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