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gsap3 crash

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hi guys.

trying convert my current app with gsap3
Little crash here ? i can't track why? any ideas about what can do this ?

Don't know what hardness should be , but it look undefined.

Removed from projets:"

Added gsap3


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Sorry to hear about the problem, @jonForum. It's super difficult to troubleshoot blind - can you provide a reduced test case? I really need to be able to see the problem in context. It kinda sounds like there's an issue with the target that you're feeding in (just a guess). 

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Ho ok finally found the coupable !



So it look like in gsap3 we cant any more pass array like this.

const arr = [20,15,10];
TweenLite.to(arr, 1, { 0: 30, ease: Power4.easeOut }); //ex: move arr[0] to=>30

dont know why worked in gsap2, and get core error in gsap3, but i will remove for now, and try found another ways.

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I think that's a bug @GreenSock should look at.


There's also a built in plugin for arrays, but it's creating the same error.


const arr = [20,15,10];

gsap.to(arr, {
  endArray: [30,15,10]


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