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From AS3 to HTML5/JS -> Openfl/Haxe

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Hi guys,

years ago I did the switch from AS3 to HTML5, and now I am on the Openfl/Haxe ship: it was the most obvious choice for a softwarehouse that wanted a rolling start. It was a pain in the xxx to leave GSAP for basic tweening libs, and after years I still feel this giant hole in the Haxe/Openfl echosystem, a hole that must be fixed, so I am back here to ask you:

do you know/use Openfl/Haxe?


----> YES!

    - ok, someone did externs/wrapper for GSAP modules, but they are dated and incomplete

    - do you think it would be (a lot) easier to make externs now that there is not the distinction between TweenMax/Lite/Timeline etc anymore?

    - do you know how to?


----> NO!

No problem



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3 minutes ago, OSUblake said:

What do you need, just the externs? Those look similar to typescript definitions. Maybe you could modify them once we are finished with the definitions.



Well, I have never made externs, wrapped libraries, so I am collecting the necessary infos, will be back as soon as possible to report the list of what I need.

If I manage to build a bridge between GSAP and Haxe/Openfl my life will be more complete ?

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