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Shared cache is going away

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I just wanted to give everyone some advance notice that the browser makers are doing away with the notion of a shared browser cache over the next year or so. In practical terms, this means that we can no longer rely on browsers to have GSAP cached even though it's hosted on a CDN. This is a major departure from the past, and unfortunately might come as a bit of a downer if you're trying to minimise your JS payload footprint.



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It's not clear from my reading that they won't actually cache things or how the files will be utilized under the hood - it sounded to me like they're just doing things to prevent the data mining. I have no idea how they're actually implementing this, but it sure sounds weird that browsers would suddenly do away with a feature that saves a massive amount of bandwidth every day across the globe, and has existed for so many years. 


If anyone else has specifics they can share, that'd be swell. 

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