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Ilkin Namazov

Parallax Effect

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Hi Everyone, 

I have been struggling for 2 mouths on this animation and I gave up and i'm asking for help to reproduce this parallax animation.

If you take a look at https://www.rezo-zero.com/ home page you can see 3 images that are moving when user is scrolling.

I realized that "mask" container gets bigger when is scrolled down and at some point  it gets smaller, also I observed that images inside of their containers are moving up and down.


I tried to solve it by using GSAP with ScrollMagic but unfortunately I have not reached my goal.


I would be appriated for any help to reproduce this effect.




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Hi @mikel

Thank you for your help !

I have read this article before, probably I did not investigate it properly, so I will play with this demo again.


I would be great if you show similar example with https://www.rezo-zero.com/ since I'm new in animating.




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Hey Ilkin. 


There are many threads on doing parallax effects with GSAP in these forums. Here are some that may help:

It would be good for you to include a demo of what you have so far if you're wanting help.

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