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type 'rotational' error on MorpSVG

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hi guys


I keep getting this warning in my console in regards to this piece of code


.to(verifier.dom.container.find('#left-eye'), 3.32, {morphSVG:'#left-wink', type:'rotational', origin:'0% 50%', ease: Power2.easeIn}, 'time+=17.4')

now i am not quite sure why, have i done something wrong?


many thanks 



Screenshot 2019-11-04 at 01.44.29.png

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Yep, you just formatted your stuff incorrectly - you need to tuck all your morphSVG-related stuff into an object:


// BAD:
...{morphSVG:'#left-wink', type:'rotational', origin:'0% 50%', ease: Power2.easeIn}...

// GOOD:
...{morphSVG:{shape:'#left-wink', type:'rotational', origin:'0% 50%'}, ease: Power2.easeIn}...

As a convenience, if you're ONLY passing a shape in, there's no need to wrap stuff in an object. But once you start needing to define additional morph-related settings, you've gotta wrap it in an object so that it's properly scoped/grouped. 


The way you've got it formatted now makes GSAP think you're literally trying to animate "type" and "origin" properties of your target (which don't exist, of course, hence the warnings).


Does that clear things up for you? 

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Hi @GreenSock


many many thanks, yes it makes complete sense to me




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