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Gerben Bergman

Fade animation from side to side

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I'm working currently on a banner creative and am stumbling upon an issue. An external creation bureau has delivered a video in which the creative animation is portrayed. The video contains one animation where a section is fading in from left to right (opacity reaches 1 on the left earlier than on the right) over a background image. Is there any way to fade something in from left to right using Greensock? 


Thanks in advance!



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Hi Mikel, 


Thanks for the response! I've already experimented with that kind of solution, but the problem is that I have to fade in a kind of rounded element that is placed on top of an image. If I use a mask like the example above, the image in the background also gets affected..



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Unfortunately I cannot share the creative we are working on (for our client must give permission for that first). I've created a code pen to better illustrate what I mean.. 


The question is, can I fade in the pink circle (starting from left, ending on the right, using opacity) without affecting the background image?


See the Pen yLLpBGd by GerbenBergman (@GerbenBergman) on CodePen

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The fade line is really sharp, is there any way that could be avoided? 

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