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How do you set up SplitText Plugin

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I guess this applies to any of the plugins. I'm fairly new to coding and only recently learned about GSAP. I signed up for the Shockingly Green plan and downloaded the file with the plugins. I've followed a few tutorials and have used CDNs only up to this point. All the splittext tutorials I've found are done on CodePen. 


How do I set this up? I inserted the SplitText.js file into my project file and use an HTML script tag, but get this message in the console referring to line 15 of this file:


Uncaught SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module


Sorry for the newbie question, but all the lessons/documents skip this part and go straight 'how to use it' after it's installed

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First of all, thanks for joining Club GreenSock, @lgehrig4


It sounds like maybe you're using the ES Module file in a standard <script> tag, but in your environment it'd be best to just use the one from the "minified" folder in your downloads. For context:

  • We provide several versions of each plugin for maximum compatibility. 
  • Some people want to use ES modules in their build system, so that's the "ESM" stuff, or the bonus stuff that's in "bonus-files-for-npm-users" folder. 
  • If you want to use an ES Module file in the browser, you must set type="module" in your script tag, like <script type="module"> and then put import statements in there, but if that doesn't make much sense to you don't worry - just avoid the ES module files (you don't NEED them, we just provide them for people who prefer those)
  • Again, for a standard <script> tag, simply point to the SplitText.min.js file from the "minified/utils/" folder in the zip. 

Does that help? 


Happy tweening!

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Worked perfectly! Thanks for the answer and the additional context. Still have got a lot to learn

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