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Flicker effect on Edge browser.

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I am dealing with a bug that seems be present only on Microsoft Edge < 15.

Someone here know how resolve it or what is causing this?


Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE 11.



Edge < 15


Here is the code for the animations.

function scaleAndShrinkAnimation($element, maxWidthPercentage, durationSeconds) {
  var widthHalf = maxWidthPercentage / 2;
  return TweenMax.to($element, durationSeconds, {
    width: maxWidthPercentage + '%',
    top: '-=' + widthHalf + '%',
    left: '-=' + widthHalf + '%',
    repeat: 1,
    yoyo: true


See the Pen d91be8899582064151804a5108557ca5 by bv-design (@bv-design) on CodePen

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Is there any particular reason you're not just using scale instead of width/top/left? It'd probably perform much better too. Transforms are faster for the browser to render. Your code would be simpler too. 


As for why Edge is rendering it oddly, that's tough to say without seeing it in the browser - do you have a reduced test case, perhaps in codepen? 

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@GreenSock Thanks for your fast answer!


Scale was my first option for the animation, but safari show an issue where the Icon Dollars not appear.


I just have included an codepen example to original post above.


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