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Trouble with calling function into timeline

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Hi Greensockers,

First of all i want to thank you everyone. This forum and this community have been very helpfull from the begining. 

Now here is the problem ^^

Im trying to do animations in a React (Gatsby) website. I have a slider section where i want to change lot of stuff on my site when i switch from a slide to another (color menu, color buttons, color title...) So i use  React Redux with state to do this and call my action to change my color.
Everything is working, the function is called, but at the begining of the timeline, before all the previous one. I think i have syntax a problem, i tried to separate functions and parameters in the call function but without success.

Thank you for your help.


See the Pen RwwoQja by Kovsky (@Kovsky) on CodePen

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Yeah, it's just a JavaScript thing. 


When you this.props.dispatch(setColor('#1b00ff')), that runs it immediately because the () act as an instruction to invoke the function. You just need to wrap it in a function:


.call(function() {
}, null, this, '+=2')

You were missing the params parameter too. https://greensock.com/docs/v2/TimelineLite/call()


Does that clear things up? 

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Thats perfect, i had missed to call the function, inside another anoter one, thanks again i am really apreciated it . 🤗

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No problem! Happy tweening. 

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