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Timeline pause/resume with callback

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I just noticed a problem with the timeline's pause/resume functions with addCallback at the same location. For example, at "Label1" add a callback and pause at the same location. When the playhead stop at "Label1", the callback gets executed. The problem is when resume() is called to resume the playing, the same callback at "Label1" gets executed again. Is there a way to call resume without executing callback at the resume location?


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Thanks Shaun for the reply! Here is my version with slight changes from yours.

See the Pen zYYrRVd?editors=1111 by GTStan (@GTStan) on CodePen


As you can see in the console, there are two "Callback test". I found the problem, it is is line 14. It is solved with tl.pause(); without the "label1".




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