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Morph svg on canvas in animate cc

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Ive just soaw new release of gsap, and update to morph svg to render mode to draw on canvas. This is wonderfull. Does that mean we can now morph shapes in animate cc as well ?


Best regards.

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Yes, just replace the canvas code in the draw function with the equivalent graphics code for easel.js. 



Although, I'm not sure if you can set an "evenodd" fill with easel.js.


TweenMax.to("#hippo", 2, {

function draw(rawPath, target) {  
  var l, segment, j, i;
  ctx.clearRect(0, 0, vw, vh);
  for (j = 0; j < rawPath.length; j++) {
    segment = rawPath[j];
    l = segment.length;
    ctx.moveTo(segment[0], segment[1]);
    for (i = 2; i < l; i+=6) {
      ctx.bezierCurveTo(segment[i], segment[i+1], segment[i+2], segment[i+3], segment[i+4], segment[i+5]);
    if (segment.closed) {


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Thank You for the reply.


Will try to do that. Seeing You sugested the draw by function, im asuming this will not work by simpy drawning a shape from animate interface and pas that as a variable to draw function, corect ?

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Correct. GSAP cannot animate the shape for you.

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