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Is all GSAP animation is free ?

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Please give me reply so i can know is it free all animations on this site or not ?
if no then please explain which plugins are free and which are not.

thanks in advance.

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This post is also a great explanation of the license:


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Hello safin and welcome,


For the majority of use cases, GSAP is totally free to use. As Craig pointed out, TweenMax, TweenLite, TimelineMax, TimelineLite, a bunch of plugins, and most eases are free to use unless you need a business license. To see if you would need a business license, check out our licensing page.


Also as Craig mentioned, there are some plugins that are for GreenSock club members only. To use those in your own projects (and not just on CodePen where they are free to use), you'd need to get a GreenSock membership. 


You can read more about the "why" behind our licensing model in the link that Craig provided above. 


Happy tweening!

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