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Hello, I have this text scroller I've built but it glitches after what I suspect is when it restarts. Is there any way to make this a smoother transition? I'm going to have a lot of these with various text/widths and there will also be a second row with the text in reverse just below it. 


Here's the website it glitches on: https://stable.stable-demos.com/who-we-are/ 


(Pen broken 😕 )



See the Pen xoMdMv by brittany-golden (@brittany-golden) on CodePen

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Hello Goldendust20 and welcome to the forums.


Your website surprised and disturbed me when I opened it because of all of the videos auto playing and offset just enough to make it creepy, hah. 


I'm not seeing any "glitch" on my Mac in Chrome. What sort of glitch is it? And what do you mean by the pen being broken?

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Hello @Goldendust20 and Welcome to the GreenSock Forum!


I'm not seeing that "glitch" on Firefox and Chrome Windows 10.


But if it was me I would convert your  jQuery css() to the GSAP set() equivalent.


So this way GSAP can keep track of what changes your doing outside itself:


// So convert this jQuery css():
    "width" : listWidth + "px"

// To this using GSAP set():
TweenLite.set([$list, $clonedList],{
    "width" : listWidth + "px"


Notice how i added multiple CSS selectors within the square brackets [ ] for the target parameter of the set method?


GSAP set() : https://greensock.com/docs/TweenLite/static.set()


Happy Tweening!

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