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Leonardo Brito

Trying to reproduce font animation

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Hi guys,


Im trying to reproduce the font animation from this webpage: https://fleava.com/


As you can see in the paragraph theres a small delay between each line.


I splitted all the paragraphs in two sections, big span and letter span.


The big span is a container for each line and the letter span its for each letter.


Using straggerFrom its showing the whole line at the same time... without the other letters playing the animation.


In the attachments theres a video of the animation i did and two screens of the gsap code.


Any feedback in what approach should i use or if im doing the things kinda right would be great!!


Thanks in advace!

2019-05-15 at 15-25-30.png

2019-05-15 at 15-25-57.png

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Welcome to the forums, @Leonardo Brito


I didn't quite understand your question. If you need some help, could you please provide a codepen? That'll greatly increase the likelihood that you'll get a quality answer. If you're not sure how, check this out: 


Also, I noticed that you're wrapping your CSS-related properties in a "css:{}" object which is totally fine, but also completely unnecessary because GSAP will do that for you automatically. Also, it's much better to use the shortcuts like x:0 instead of transform:"translateX(0)" and xPercent:-100 rather than transform:"translateX(-100%)". Also, I'd recommend against animating "left" and "top" properties, and instead animate "x" and "y" (transforms) because they're typically more performant and the browser offers sub-pixel rendering for those. 


Happy tweening!

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