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SVG fill animation

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I've been trying to have the fill colour of this SVG change on hover, but I'm not having any luck. So far all it does increase in size when I hover over it. I'm not sure what other way I can go about accomplishing this.  Any suggestions?


I'm sorry about all the files, I can't seem to get the image to show on codepen...


am-tranparent.svg index.html main.css main.js


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Maybe you could put that into a demo for us?


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Hi @namjoonforpresident. It looks like you're trying to animate the "fill" of an <object> (which won't work). I'd recommend placing the <svg> inline so that you can have access to its contents. Then you can target any individual <path> (or whatever). 


If you still need some help, I'd highly recommend following @PointC's suggestion and post a codepen demo. It greatly increases your chances of getting a solid answer :)


Happy tweening!

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