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How can I reverse the callback function?

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Hi guys! 

I am a beginner at JavaScript. I created codepen with hover animation. So, when I hover the blue square, the first animation begins. Then, when the first animation ends, the second animation begins. When the mouse leaves, the first animation reverse, but the callback function stills working. I need reverse for the animation inside the callback function when the mouse leaves. How can I do this?

See the Pen oVWgjX by Female (@Female) on CodePen

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@Maryna, one way to handle that would be to define newTl in a scope accessible to all functions, kill() newTl on hover-out mouseleave, and build/rebuild the tween on each circleMove() call.


See the Pen ZPXWXZ?editors=1111 by sgorneau (@sgorneau) on CodePen


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