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Good day dear community.

Can't resolve a problem.

I wanna add tween to timeLine animation. It works. 

It will be an animation cosist of multiple sub-animations, that will be performed in parallel.


Chrome shows me the error:


Uncaught Cannot tween a null target.


I can't understand what's happened.

Please advice me.

What am i doing wrong?


<div class="section-3">
	<span id="dots">
var b3Text = $("#dots");

    var tl3 = new TimelineMax({paused: true});

    function spin(elem) {
        $(elem.find("span")).each(function(i) {
            TweenMax.to($(this), 2.5, {
                x: randomWithBounds(0, $(this).parent().parent().width() - 10),
                y: randomWithBounds(0, $(this).parent().parent().height() - 10),
                delay: i + 2,
		rotationX: 360,
		ease: Power1.easeInOut,
		onComplete: function() {
            }, 0.1);

    tl3.to(spin(b3Text), 1, 
		repeat: -1,
		repeatDelay: 0.5



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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums,


It looks like you aren't providing a valid target to this tween:


 tl3.to(spin(b3Text), 1, 
        repeat: -1,
        repeatDelay: 0.5


spin() is a function that creates a bunch of TweenMax tweens. You can't tween a function.


I think you probably want your spin() function to return a timeline that you then add() to tl3.


Please see this article for a detailed explanation of how that would work: https://css-tricks.com/writing-smarter-animation-code/


In the future, please consider providing a reduced test case as explained below. It makes it much easier to offer assistance.






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