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GSAP and MagiScroll scroll section to top conflict with navigation menu

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I'm running into a situation and I;m not able to solve it by my self.




I have section 2 with a scroll to top when entering the section and is breaking the anchor menu, so for example if you are in section 0 and click on the menu to go to section 3 the scroll will stop at section 2.


I have been searching and tried some of the solution but none of them worked.


How could avoid the section with the autoscroll to hijack the menu?





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Hi and thanks for the demo.


Yeah it seems pretty clear that the problem is that you have a scrollTo animation inside a ScrollMagic scene. 

I don't know enough about ScrollMagic (not a GreenSock product) to tell you how to fix that. 


I'm having a tough time understanding the logic of having a scrollTo animation inside a ScrollMagic scene. The whole point of ScrollMagic is to trigger animations while the user is actively scrolling the window... so why would you want to scroll the window  a position that conflicts with where the user wants to scroll to?


My hunch is that you would be better off tweening the y value of something inside of #section-2 instead of telling the window to scrollTo where #section-2 is, but again, ScrollMagic isn't my specialty.  There might be others around here that can give you better advice.

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Hi and thanks for the reply.


I had some workers at home and wasn't able to reply sooner.


Originally it was a continuous scroll but the client asked for this scrollTo functionality in this section. So i'm in a position where I need to find a solution.


Have tried different options but none of them worked.


Maybe I could pause the magicScroll scene while the menu animation is active?



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