Reverse Function Not Working As Expected

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I have a Dropdown Navigation with sub-menu-points that are revealed on click.

For this I created a timeline with 2 tweens:

  1. A tween that changes the height and opacity of the next menu points
  2. A tween that animates the menu points from left to right.


The forward animation works fine but the reverse function only reverses the second tween — however without any animation. The first tween isn't reversed at all.


Any idea on what I did wrong?


Thanks so much.

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Hi and welcome to the GreenSock forums. 


Thanks for the demo.


The biggest problem is that you create a new timeline on every click. 

Please see the console logs in this demo: 


If the menu is already open, there is no need for a new timeline. 

You really want to reverse the timeline that was created on the previous click, not one that was just made.


There are a few ways to go about this, but your end result needs to be that each menu has a reference to its own animation that it is in charge of playing or reversing. 


Probably the best approach to this setup is what @OSUblake does in this thread 



This version from @pointC may be a little easier to understand (you would have to change the interaction to be click-based of course)





and a similar approach








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This was the hint I needed.

Thanks so much, Carl!

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