(Help Needed) SVG Multiple Path Morphing

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I Was reading This Tutorial..

And was trying on codepen.. how ever i was wondering if i want morphing anything complex which have multiple shape at same group..


an example:


let's assume that i want to morph 135763.svg svg to 135637.svg . then i have to make it to a single path (as that tutorial just said) then i will lose my all color and i will have only one fill color as i have only one compound shape... so if i want to make a morph between two svg without making them a single shape... how i will do it...?

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That tutorial doesn't apply to what you are trying to do. You will need to morph multiple shapes, and you will need to animate fill color as well based on what are you morphing into.


Take a look at demo by @PointC,



This tutorial will help you write timelines using functions,

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