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That has nothing to do with TransformManager - it should be handled by the Flash/Flex component itself, like the TextArea component.

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Hello, i have a question, I can deselect succesfully all of the objects using this



if (manager.selectedItems.length > 0) {


But now only need to deselect the current selected object and I try something like this without success,


var nombre:String
for (var k:Number = 0; k < pictures.length; k++) {
	if (pictures[k].name==namSelect) {
if (manager.selectedItems.length > 0) {


This is the correct form to use this function deselectItem()?

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No, you are passing the object's name (text) instead of the actual object reference.


BAD: manager.deselectItem(myObject.name);

GOOD: manager.deselectItem(myObject);

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