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I've built a custom ease using the greensock visualiser....


theEaser = "M0,0 C0.126,0.382 -0.164,0.5 0.5,0.5 1.166,0.5 0.818,1 1,1";


I think I actually want to play it backwards, is there a way of reversing these values?

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When you say "play it backwards", you don't literally mean that, right? Like...the values starting at their end values and going backwards from there? Are you just talking about slicing the ease halfway through and kinda taking the way it eases out and redrawing that to be the way it eases in, and vice-versa? There isn't an automated way, no, but I assume you're aware that it's super easy to draw whatever ease you want in the Ease Visualizer: https://greensock.com/ease-visualizer?CustomEase=M0,0,C0.126,0.382,-0.164,0.5,0.5,0.5,1.166,0.5,0.818,1,1,1


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This is the thing I've been working on... basically i have two end points that go through a predefiined point each, so the mid point where all the points meet makes the text... and because they've got a little bit of a delay / change in speed in has an more natural feel... I guess this is the best way to do it... i wanted to avoid a tween to the mid point and then another tween to the end point..


Didn't realise I could feed the ease back in... I'll do that and reverse it by eye I think :) Thank you!



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