How to create like scroll ?

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Can anybody help me create like scroll. On mouse scroll the document should not scroll but the animation created using tweenmax should trigger. Unlike, I have some content below the fullscreen fold which will appear after the 3rd scroll.The technologies that i'm using are ScrollMagic and Tweenmax.

See the Pen mGwNwR by arun-venugopal (@arun-venugopal) on CodePen

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The waark site appears to use a dom element that is the size of the window and loads all animated elements into it.


Just a guess but because the content is the size of the viewport the document does not actually scroll it is likely using an event listener to activate animation using deltaY.




With wheel events you can trigger animations with deltaY changes.

Setup the container 100% high and wide with overflow hidden then you can place all animation content inside it and show hide and animate it to the deltaY changes.



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Thank you so much @Visual-Q, Really appreciate you for taking time and effort to help the community. Let me try to solve the problem using deltaY. Thanks once again.

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