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SteppedEase to animate sprite with columns and rows

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I am using stepped ease to animate a sprite and it works fine.

The problem i have is that there are so many frames that strip is now too wide and I need to have a grid of rows and columns of images

Is there a way of animating the y position incrementally as well the x position using the following:


TL.to(spriteSheet, 4, {x:-(spriteWidth * spriteNoOfFrames),ease:SteppedEase.config(spriteNoOfFrames)},"f1+=2.5" );


Thanks in advance... I really would love to use stepped ease since its so slimline compared with other js sprite animation code.

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For a grid you will most likely have to loop through each row and create a new SteppedEase tween and increment the y value OR just use a set() to put the background where you need it.


Here is one we had laying around:


See the Pen NqWqzQ?editors=001 by GreenSock (@GreenSock) on CodePen


and another from sesamechee


See the Pen pyqWBp?editors=0010 by sesamechee (@sesamechee) on CodePen





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