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How to create pop-up animation without scale?

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My SVG that I'm trying to animate is large and scaling moves the elements around so I can't animate with scale. Is there another way i can achieve that pop-up smooth animation without using scale?

See codepen! https://codepen.io/anetakostic/full/wxNBVZ/
Also, would like if they could faster pop up, currently i have 0.2sec.. why is it taking longer?

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Hi @nino-la :)


Welcome to the forum.


I'm not following your question completely. I don't see any scale tweens in your code. All I see are opacity tweens. Scaling an SVG element shouldn't move other elements around it. You'd need to set the transformOrigin to center, but it should work fine.


I don't understand the part about 0.2 seconds. Are you wanting all those tweens to start at the same time? If you added a class to all those groups you're tweening you could shorten your code quite a bit and use a simple stagger. It would give you a lot more control.


Any more details you could provide would be most helpful. Happy tweening.



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@PointC Thanks for your replay!

So I don't think I can use stagger cause each icon has 2 separate paths (1 to load path and another one to load circle fill -- they are also not next to each other so I can't wrap them) so wouldn't they load in different time?

I have added scale. Can you have another look? You see how they are not in the bulb. 

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You can use a stagger. It would be better if the icon and the background circle were each in their own group, but you can make it work like this:


See the Pen RBvWKP by PointC (@PointC) on CodePen

Is that what you needed?


Happy tweening.



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