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isActive(); TweenLineMax

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Hi guys first time asking help here ?,


I'm doing some stuff with timelinemax and trying to make animation without make another starting while the first is active, i've discovered the isActive property but even by trying it and reading some other post i didn't get any solution for my method, does anyone can help me :) thank you


if (!tl.isActive()) {
.set(this.$refs.mask, { clearProps: 'all' })
.set(this.$refs.tabs, { clearProps: 'all' })
.set(icons, { clearProps: 'all' })
.set(mask, {
.to(this.$refs.picture, 0.8, {
ease: Power4.easeOut,
}, 'move')
.to(this.$refs.triggers, 0.1, {
opacity: 0,
ease: Power4.easeOut,
}, 'move')
.to(mask, 0.3, {
autoAlpha: 1,
}, 'move+=0.4')
.to(tab, 0.3, {
backgroundColor: '#F4F0E9',
ease: Power4.easeOut,
}, 'move+=0.2');
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Not sure what you are attempting to do and what problem you are facing.


Can you post a simple codepen demo so we can understand your problem?



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