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Wargaming is looking to hire an HTML5 Animator (Banners) to join the Interactive Media Team. In this role, you will create animated/interactive banners using HTML5 (JS, Canvas, Adobe Animate), resize and adapt them for various advertising platforms, and manage localization of resized/adjusted banners. The Interactive Media Team help bring new players to the Wargaming universe by delivering quality marketing digital assets: landing pages, promo web sites, animated and interactive web advertising, newsletters, and more.


What you will do:
— Create animated/interactive banners using HTML5 (JS, Canvas, Adobe Animate)
— Resize and adapt banners according to technical specifications of different advertising platforms (Google AdWords, DoubleClick, Yandex, etc.)
— Localize resized and adapted banners (30+ languages) using internal tools


— Experience creating banner ads for a variety of advertising platforms with different technical requirements
— Skilled in creating complex animation, interactive features (both within the 150 kB limit) and realistic special effects (blowups, water, fire, dust) using HTML/JS/Canvas
— Hands-on experience with Adobe Animate
— Knowledge of browser specifics (especially IE10+)
— At ease with 2D graphics (bitmap, vector); proficient in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator
— Experience working with GSAP library
— Portfolio
— Pre-Intermediate or higher level of English


— Experience creating games using HTML5
— Knowledge of WebGL 3D
— UI/UX expertise
— Experience working in the games industry
— Knowledge of Russian


Motivating video about why we cool



Our portfolio


Please, apply here 

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Alright, I want a freelance job like this I miss this kind of work...

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