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Does anyone use Greensock in Desktop App? (Haxe, React, Flex...)?

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Does anyone use Greensock in Desktop app? (Haxe, React, Flex...)?


I'm using it in AS3 / Adobe Air.

But because of the non-update of GreenSock in AS3, I'm thinking to port my App to Haxe to use the GreenSock HTML5/JS version, but I don't know how much it will be possible or fluid like the GreenSock AS3 version.


The GreenSock HTML5 seems to be very good in websites, but using it in Desktop App Chromium (Haxe, ReactJS, Flex...). It is so good like AS3 native version?


Thanks a lot. :)

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I used the GSAP framework extensively in a lot of Desktop Apps mainly using electron.  It worked wonderfully.  There are very up to date externs for GSAP / Haxe and I can't recommend it enough. 

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I'm currently building an app with Electron as well, and have run into no issues so far :)

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