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Hi everyone,


Please i need to know if Dynamic (feed driven) Google DoubleClick banners can be hand coded and not created using Google Web Designer. If so does anyone have any base templates to start from. I hand code everything using GSAP and i just want to inject the data using Javascript and not be tied down to Google Web Designer. I am willing to pay for Live Online training for someone who can help me with this or even doing builds in Google Web Designer and adding custom code.


Any help would be much appreciated.






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Howdy, Brad. I can't imagine that DoubleClick would require that ads be built in GWD. That'd be pretty shocking. I know that a ton of ad designers/developers like yourself love building things with GSAP alone, and I also know that DoubleClick (and every major ad network) not only accepts GSAP-based ads but GSAP is the only robust animation library that is whitelisted from file size calculations. So I'd be very surprised if you ran into any problems with pushing a GSAP-based ad through any of Google's ad channels.


But again, I can't speak in any official capacity because I'm not Google and I don't really know much about their policies/requirements these days. Have you asked them directly? 


Perhaps one of the other ad gurus around here can chime in, like @ohem, @Oliver16Years, @davi, @volcanoflash, or @somnamblst


Good luck with the project!

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There is no need to use GWD for DoubleClick. 
The Banner requirements depend on which DC Environment you will upload your Banner Ads.
There are:

  • Double Click for Publishers
  • DoubleClick Studio
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager

Will you upload directly to DC Environment or are you or your Customer using a Third Party Template to upload your Banner Ads?
If this is the case, there may be other banner specifications to follow.


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