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Creating animatable page transitions

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Hi everyone, this is more of an ask-for-help and guidance rather than actually coding help, but I came across a very nice website page transition, which include its website logo transitioning between 2 pages. I was wondering if its possible to apply with GSAP? Here's the animation I am referring to: https://cl.ly/rXmT


It would be great if someone could forward me to somewhere where I can learn to replicate the aforementioned effect.



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Yo! I think you can just add a listener on every link on your page that would trigger the animation. You can even use bodymovin for your animation or the best solution is use barba.js or smoothstate.js?

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Sorry I forgot to add of course it possible with GSAP.


im not so good at coding yet but its something like this i assume.




height: 100vh;

width: 100vw;





display: flex;

justify-content: center;

align-content: center;




var tl = new Timelinelite({onComplete: reversedContainer})




function reversedContainer(){

// reverse animation code here



sorry i know this might not work but you get the point. im also just learning and i think if I help and learn with others it will help me learn fast. ?

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Disregard what I just written hahaha. I just saw the video on the phone and comment on the phone. I saw that its more on transition. What I did is only animation. Now I need to try barba.js :)


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Haha, its alright @miks, I understand what you try to do. I am just not sure how to apply it as a page transition. If you managed to do it with barba.js or smoothstate.js do let me know!

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Hey @miks, thanks for the Codepen, I have forked it. It works really well, plus it really help me kickstart Barba.js! For anyone else who needs more help in making the animation smoother, I added another class to animate the position of the logo itself, and added it in the timeline with tweenmax. Here's the edited pen: https://codepen.io/aahlfeeyann/project/editor/DWnwop

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