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tweenTo and timeScale [SOLVED]

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First of all, thanks for putting this together.


This probably is a newb question, how do you set a timeScale when using tweenTo in TimelineMax.


I'm doing something like:

myTimelineMax.tweenTo("my_frame_label"{timeScale:4}); <--Tried it but didn't seem to change the timeScale :(


TIA, Donated $50, this very helpful



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Good point - the reason timeScale didn't work for you was because tweenTo() creates a TweenLite instance but TweenLite doesn't have a timeScale feature (only TweenMax does). But I just posted an update that causes the TimelineMax's timeScale to be honored when you do a tweenTo(). So you can just set its timeScale directly and then tweenTo() and it'll factor the timeScale into the tween's duration.


Thanks for the support. It's always great to see Club GreenSock members in the forums. :)

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Just plain amazing! Thanks for teh blazing fast response and update. U da man!

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