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New Tweens with onComplete function in a for loop

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Hi All,


i try to create multiple tweens with a for... loop (its' working fine) with a onComplete function (this one doesn't work), the "loopMe" is called but the tween reverse never applies...

In short words : i want that the 14 movies loops indefinitely :)


loopMe = function (myTween) {
myTween.reverse(); -> i tried also eval(myTween) 
//trace(myTween); -> shows leTween3, leTween 8...
for (var i = 1; i<14; i++) {
_global["leTween"+i] = new TweenMax.to(this["t"+i], 3, {_alpha:100, ease:Strong.easeIn, onComplete:loopMe, onCompleteParams:["_global.leTween"+i]}); --> i tried also  onCompleteParams:[_global["leTween"+i]]


thanks for any help !

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Ok, i added parameters "yoyo:true, repeat:10" in the for loop and it works. But i'm still interested in how controlling a tween created dynamically in the for loop with any other function...

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You're using the wrong syntax.


BAD: new TweenMax.to(...);

GOOD: new TweenMax(...);

ALSO GOOD: TweenMax.to(...);


And your onCompleteParams should be: onCompleteParams:[_global["leTween"+i]]

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