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H-Flipped image rotates on select/move action

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I'm using TransformManager 1.85, dated 10/28/2009. I'm not sure if that's the latest, the greensock homepage mentions 1.82 :)

Anyway, when I move a symbol that's mirrored horizontally (h-flipped with a scaleX < 0), the target rotation is set to 180 and the target's scalyY is set to < 0.

But when I move something, the rotation should remain untouched AFAIK and the scaleX and scaleY should remain untouched (I'm not resizing).

It's rather annoying...


I traced it down to the TransFormManager's updateSelection method, in line 1236, see the arrow below in the code. Maybe the transform matrix doesn't cope with flipped symbols?


public function updateSelection($centerOrigin:Boolean=true):void { //Includes resizing the _dummyBox.
 if (_selectedItems.length != 0) {
if (_selectedItems.length == 1) {
	if (!t.hasOwnProperty("content") && t.width != 0) { //in Flex, SWFLoaders/Images and some other components don't accurately report width/height
-----------------> _dummyBox.transform.matrix = t.transform.matrix = m; <----------------- Here's the line that sets the rotation and scaleY
	} else {
		r = t.getBounds(t);
		_dummyBox.graphics.drawRect(r.x, r.y, r.width, r.height);
		_dummyBox.transform.matrix = t.transform.matrix;
} else {


I hope it's a small bug, not a 'feature'.


Best regards,


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Nope, that's not a bug - it's just how Flash reports values when transformations are made via the transform.matrix (which is necessary in order to accommodate all the features in TransformManager, particularly multiple selections). Annoying, I know. The problem is not specific to TransformManager. :(

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